Are vitamins necessary for weight loss? There are lots of arguments on both sides of the table. One side says that vitamins play a massive role in weight loss, and without them, you won’t lose any weight (or at least not as fast as you would with vitamins). The other side says that vitamins don’t matter at all as long as you are eating under the amount of food your body needs to process in a day, you will lose weight. So who’s right?

Well, no one really knows. However, these 3 vitamins have been shown to speed up weight loss in some studies, but results are not conclusive.

Vitamin D3 – Also known as the “sunshine vitamin”, vitamin D3 is an essential vitamin to our everyday health. There are two ways to get vitamin D3 into your system. The first way is to simply go out into the sun. Assuming you’re not wearing sun screen, vitamin D3 will actually be absorbed right into your skin – you won’t feel a thing. The other way to get vitamin D3 is to take a supplement with it in it. This can be a regular multi vitamin from a vitamin store, or it can be an actual D3 supplement. Both work.

Vitamin D3 is known to increase testosterone. While this won’t directly cause you to lose weight, it will help in other ways. Your muscles will be able to recover quicker, meaning you can exercise more and bun more calories. Since the best way to lose weight is to eat less than you need, exercise can only help!

Zinc – Zinc is a classic vitamin found in many natural foods. The daily recommended value isn’t much at all only 30 mg, actually. You can get zinc from many fruits and vegetables. The easiest way to get enough Zinc is to get a multivitamin, though. A regular multivitamin has 30 mg of Zinc, which is plenty.

Zinc has many benefits, including but not limited to healthier skin and better sleep. So how does this help you lose weight?

Well, you repair your muscles and recover during sleep. If you take Zinc, you may be able to function off of 1 or 2 less hours of sleep because the quality of your sleep will be so high. These extra 2 hours can be spent working out, which will burn more calories, which will cause you to weigh less.

Vitamin A – Vitamin A is a peculiar vitamin. It’s found in many foods, but it can actually be poisonous to you. Excess vitamin A is stored in your fat, not urinated out of your body like most other vitamins. If you take too much of it, you can get a buildup of it in your body, which can be toxic.

That being said, it’s still great for weight loss. Vitamin A will spike your metabolism and allow your body to burn food faster and use more calories doing it!